About The Disease

About Haemophilia  

      Haemophilia is a X linked genetic disease caused by the deficiency of Factor VIII( Haemophilia A) or FACTOR IX)Haemophilia B). The disease impairs the body’s ability to control blood clotting or coagulation. The gene for the disorder is inherited from the mother. Females are therefore almost exclusively carriers of the disease.

       While these disorders are typically congenital and present from the birth, in rare cases, they may be acquire at some point latter in life due to various health complications.

      The modern management of haemophilia includes infusion of deficient coagulating factor (FACTOR VIII OR FACTOR IX). But the repeated factor infusion may result in development of antibodies in the human serum which subsequently requires infusion of FIEBA. It also  carries the risk of transfusion related diseases like Hepatitis C or HIV.

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